Moving from Canada and back.

  We received this email this morning…….

Hi Daniel and Pete,

Just wanted to say that we received our second shipment with you recently and everything was fantastic. You are the best moving company we have ever worked with. I’ve been massively impressed with your service from start to finish both in terms of cost and customer service. Hands down the very best in all my time of moving back and forth between UK and Canada since 1997.
I will be leaving you reviews ( positive of course) online shortly and also recommending you to other expats. If you ever need any other type of testimonial don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’m hoping not to move again for a while at least, but if/when the time comes again, we will not hesitate to contact you!

With very best regards and wishes,


  Moving Doctor says “well done everyone at UPakWeShip UK and UPakWeShip Canada

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