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The Costs Of Moving From Netherlands To USA

If you’re in the position of moving from the Netherlands to the USA, it can be a life-changing choice. Whether your move is for personal or professional reasons, alone or with family, there’s a lot to get sorted out before you leave. So to help you make a safe and successful move from Europe’s heartland to a new life in the USA, this guide will give you all the information you need to know about the documents you need and moving there with the help of UPakWeShip EU.

USA Immigration options for Dutch nationals

When moving from the Netherlands to the USA as a Dutch national, you’ll first need to choose a residence permit type based on whether you’ll be a temporary or permanent resident. This goes beyond the standard 90-day tourism visa.

Commonly known in the USA as a Green Card, this document gives you access to use a whole range of institutions and facilities. There are other immigration options available depending on your circumstances, but they have certain requirements and conditions. These include:

  • A relocation through a family reunification visa (with different options available)
  • A sponsorship visa through your spouse or fiancé who must be an American citizen
  • Business investment, indicating you have sufficient financial funds to invest
  • Applying for the Green Card lottery which allows “citizens from countries with historically low rates of immigration to the United States”

Moving from the Netherlands to the USA for employment

Dutch citizens are often highly skilled and qualified in various industries and sectors, many of which are a good fit and highly attractive to US employers. Skills in IT and tech are particularly sought after, and having a Green Card based on employment can be a better option for many Dutch nationals looking to relocate to the US for work purposes.

Getting a Green Card for employment can be fairly straightforward and is based on being offered a role by a US employer and completing the paperwork on your job acceptance. You can then apply for your residence permit, and once approved, you’re free to move to the USA. Gaining residency this way will also allow your spouse and young family members to move with you.

Moving from the Netherlands to the USA for investment

If you’re looking to move from the Netherlands to the USA for reasons other than employment, one of them could be for business investment. Dutch citizens can apply for the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program to invest in the US and run a for-profit business. Again, the requirements for this option come with caveats, including that you’ll:

  • Set up or invest as a sole trader business, partnership, holding company, limited company, corporation, or other business, either publicly or privately owned
  • Create full-time jobs for at least 10 US citizens
  • Invest a minimum of US$1,000,000

What documents do you need to move to the USA?

Much like moving to any new country, when you move to the USA from the Netherlands, there’s a list of official documentation you’ll need to submit at various stages for different things. Beyond your residence application, you’ll need some or all of these to get a driving licence, a credit card, open a bank account, or healthcare. These documents can include:

  • A valid passport
  • Certified translations of qualifications and/or credentials, especially for professions including teaching and healthcare
  • Certified translations of birth and marriage certificates and similar documents
  • An international driving licence
  • Translations of financial, insurance, and similar documents
  • Translations of medical records

Life in the Netherlands vs the USA?

While living in the Netherlands is what you’r used to, America is a diverse country with plenty of pros and cons. Here are a few to think about:

✔︎ Living costs can be up to 30% cheaper than in the Netherlands
✔︎ There’s more variety in the weather to suit you
✔︎ Exceptional healthcare and medical treatment
✔︎ Excellent education and universities
✔︎ A sound economy for career opportunities and higher wages
✔︎ Plenty of space to live and over 200,000 sq. m of national parkland to explore

✘ The USA has a higher crime rate
✘ You’ll typically only get 1-2 weeks of paid holiday from employers
✘ You need to pay for healthcare in the USA through insurance
✘ Public transport can be an issue, and a focus on driving

Much depends on where you live in the USA, but some things will be the same wherever you live, like paying for your healthcare, for example.

How does moving to the USA work?

Moving home is a big task wherever you’re moving to. But when you move from one continent to another, your task just got a bit bigger. That’s where UPakWeship EU can help you with your world’s safe, easy, and stress-free international shipping.

Our experienced team members are knowledgeable in all areas of international shipping and have the expertise to help you with any questions or concerns – there’s nothing we haven’t been able to deal with on behalf of our customers. Beyond that, you just need to select the shipping service that best suits you, then pack up using the specialist shipping equipment we send you.

You can drop off your shipment at one of our terminals or request a UPakWeShip EU pick-up. We’ll then deliver everything overseas to your chosen location in the USA, giving you complete peace of mind.

The cost of moving from the Netherlands to the USA

The exact cost of moving from the Netherlands to the USA can be challenging to pinpoint as plenty of variables are involved. But we’re confident that UPakWeShip can save you thousands with our cost-effective, international moving rates and options.

To help get you started, visit our shipping rates page, choose your destination state, and use our cost calculator to see the latest prices using our pallet, U-crate, self-load containers, or shared container services. And, of course, you’re welcome to call our international shipping experts at UPakWeShip EU to find out more, get further details, and get your free quote.

Let UPakWeShip EU help move you to the USA

There’s plenty to think about before and when you’re moving from the Netherlands to the USA. But, as your world moves from the EU to the US, UPakWeShip EU will make the journey to your new life as smooth and easy as possible.

Whether you’re moving pallets to the USA or in need of a large container for a family house move, we’ll help you find the best service with guaranteed, affordable prices. We can even offer you competitive shipping insurance to cover your move. Contact us today at +31(0)6 21 61 76 19, email to get your free quote or book now to get started.

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