Moving to Portugal? read this before you go!

Moving to Portugal?

Please read this before you go!


   Although the Golden Visa has been discontinued in Portugal, there are still multiple ways of moving and residing there and Portugal is still a hot spot for UPakWeShip. In fact, it is one of the top three destinations we ship to from the USA along with Germany and England.

We are very lucky to be recommended by numerous Facebook groups, magazines, corporations, and of course previous shippers we have moved to Portugal.

That being said I want to clarify one point.

If you are moving your whole house load in a self-load 20 foot or 40 foot shipping container, we will be shipping the container into the closest port to your destination. You and us will have to deal with customs in Portugal and the rules are strict regarding all the paperwork you need like the Baggage Certificate. We have a whole document in pdf format we can email you if you would like to know all the documentation you will need to obtain and provide.


  If you are shipping a few U Crates or Pallets to Portugal, we ship these with all our other U Crates and Pallets going to Europe in a 40 foot container to Rotterdam. We clear customs into Europe in the Netherlands and UPakWeShip distributes them for delivery all over Europe. The paperwork required for this service is a lot simpler and is basically a couple of forms to sign that we provide you, plus a copy of your passport and a packing list of what you are shipping.

The reason I am explaining this is a customer might have shipped a U Crate with us and very kindly recommends us to a friend who is moving a container load and in her recommendation says the paperwork with UPakWeShip is simple and easy!


So as long as everyone is aware of the difference not just for Portugal but anywhere in Europe.

   20-foot and 40-foot Shipping containers go to the nearest destination port and proper import documentation is required as per that Countries Customs Regulations but if you are shipping U Crates or Pallets then the customs process is a lot easier via our service and route via Rotterdam into Europe.


I hope this helps.

Happy Packing!

The International Moving Doctor

UPakWeShip International Moving Doctor


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