Not many people know this!

  Before we load every 40ft consolidation container with pallets and U Crates from our warehouse in Walterboro SC going to Europe, Australia, UK and New Zealand we do this.

We have a 40 ft. container space marked on the floor in our staging area so the day before loading we place everything into this space for three main reasons.

1/ Obviously to check our load list is correct and everything is going to fit in the container.

2/ We check to see all our shipments are ready to go in top condition, labelled correctly, no loose straps etc.

3/ We double check to see everything in the staging area is going to the correct destination. Its a chance for a new set of eyes from the office loading supervisor to come out to the warehouse and see for themselves that everything is correct one last time before loading.

Not all companies do this! Not all companies even have their own warehouse. Not all companies are anywhere near where your shipment is sitting.

UPakWeShip on the other hand is not only baby sitting your shipment here in the USA but also overseas by having its own offices supervising deliveries in the UK and Europe.

Move Overseas the trusted safe way with UPakWeShip!

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