How to reduce damage by 80% when shipping overseas.

Shipping Bikes or TV’s when moving overseas

I recently read on a BBC blog that a Dutch bicycle company reduced its damage when shipping bikes overseas by nearly 80%. Apparently once they started printing their bike boxes with a picture of a flat screen TV as it was about the same size as a large flat screen, their claims dropped dramatically. It is amazing how the psychological message to an international cargo forwarder supposedly handling a flat screen makes the international shipping company act with more care.

If you are shipping all your moving boxes and items in one of UPakWeShip’s U Crates, it is Palletized and handled only by a forklift rather than being loose items and no one can see inside the big crate and see the contents so it makes no difference but I thought this was worth a mention.10553478_724032211000487_8674865262275003185_n

We have successfully shipped motorcycles, lawn tractors and other machines in the past with a similar theory. We secure them on an open pallet or open sided crate so that everyone in the logistics chain can see they are expensive machines and handle them with extra care rather than hiding them in a solid crate.

Great idea Van Moof bicycles for reducing damage and thinking literally with the box rather than outside of it!

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