Scotland to USA

   Here’s a picture of our customers U Crate 100’s in Edinburgh waiting for pick up for shipping to Fort Collins Colorado.

UPakWeShip’s U Crates are the smart way to relocate, keeping all your items safe in the crates. Its a lump sum price whatever you can fit into the crates so you know exactly what its going to cost before hand. This is very important when you are working within a lump sum relocation budget where you want to know in advance of the move that the final invoice will be covered by the shipping allowance that your employer has given you.

Another huge advantage apart from the lump sum shipping cost is UPakWeShip having its own offices and staff both sides of the Atlantic providing seamless communication with the customer, answering customs and documentation questions, quality control is easy as no agents involved. Having one database with your personal documents secure and not floating across the internet from one agent to another is also a huge advantage these days. Controlling costs, made up or imaginary extra costs are non existent as everything is in house.

Lastly team work makes the U Crates work! Our experienced super friendly knowledgeable team in the UK, Europe and the USA who speak 6 languages between them just make it happen every day!

Making people smile and happy when moving overseas is what we do! 

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