Signed, Sealed, Delivered,

  This is how we do it.

Yesterday we staged the shipments ready for loading in our marked staging area in the warehouse. The floor is taped out to the correct size of the inside of a shipping container. So now we know in advance that everything is going to fit in the 40ft  shipping container that is booked for tomorrow going from Walterboro to Charleston port by truck and then being loaded onto a MSC ship named “Stella” ( good beer! ) heading from Charleston port to Rotterdam. Once there we will unload the container and arrange customs clearance and delivery but in the meantime……….. back to loading!



Here is the container fully loaded today at the Walterboro warehouse. The Cardboard and wooden UCrate200’s have been loaded in first and then the pallets and UCrate 100’s

Here you can see the last two U Crate 100’s loaded, nicely labeled and relaxing in the 40 foot shipping container before they sail off to Rotterdam and then finally these two are going to live in sunny Portugal.





  The shipping container from outside our warehouse. It pulls forward a few feet so we can shut the doors  and seal it.

Nice sunny day today in South Carolina! Blue skies and no clouds!







    Here is the last shot taken from the warehouse where we just loaded the container. The doors have been closed and a security seal has been attached. The seal is numbered and recorded onto the shipping documents. This seal should stay in place until we unload it at our warehouse near Rotterdam. The only people that have a right to break that seal is Customs. If they do this after having a look inside they will then secure the container with another numbered seal and advise us. Its standard worldwide practice for Customs to leave the old seal on the floor just inside the doors if this happens so you know it was Customs.

Bon Voyage all you shipments, safe travels across the pond!

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