Sunset at the UPakWeShip UK office

I am visiting our England office at the moment. As much as I would like to say this is the view from the UPakWeShip UK office, it sadly isn’t! But it is the evening view from the very cute fisherman’s cottage that we are staying in not too far away. Its in Brixham Devon which I learn t yesterday is England’s largest fishing port with over 100 fishing boats operating from here. Its great to watch out the window, (too cold and wet to actually go outside lol) , always something going on here. I am trying to work but its hard when there are fishing trawlers coming in and unloading their catch straight into reefer trucks parked on the dock. I watched the Brixham pilot boat go out this morning and meet a large MOL container ship that came into the bay at a distance. Was it delivering mail? collecting someone sick? delivering fresh Devon eggs or a warm Devon pasty? I have no idea but its very intriguing!  We watch sally the seal every day hang around the pier for fresh fish, watch sailing dinghy’s capsize in the wind and waves, more fishing boats going out all times of the day and night.

What is not fishy is our UPakWeShip England office that handles all our international moves into and out of  the UK.  We offer great door to door shipping rates on pallets, U Crates and self load shipping containers. If you are moving overseas from the UK, don’t forget to ask UPakWeShip England for an all inclusive door to door price. UPakWeShip has all 5 star ratings on Google and hundreds more posted by customers direct onto our web site.

Remember, you have come to the right plaice, no fishy business, no sharks and all our customers think we are Brill!

Find us on the net  UPakweShip UK


Nice to see some of the trawlers in UPakWeShip colors! (i tried to spell it colours seeing I’m back home but wordpress says i am American!

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