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I remember reading somewhere that this was done deliberately and seeing the Dutchy engineers are some of the best in the world, I am pretty sure this red licorice lattice work probably was....

We bought these for under $15 here in the USA so we can charge our phones and I pads as soon as we arrive in The Netherlands. Need moving rates to Europe? We have all our International moving rates and options online available 24/7 Click here to view overseas moving prices. www.upakweship.com ...

  Moving to the Netherlands Part 3 Things you might like to know. Holland as I have been referring to it, actually only covers 2 provinces in the Netherlands. More than 25% is below sea level and Schiphol Airport is actually 14 ½ feet below sea level. Dutch people are the tallest in the...

  Moving to the Netherlands, part two: Here are five slightly out of the ordinary international moving tips. 1/ Buy some voltage transformers. Although we are leaving most of our electrical appliances behind as the voltage is 220 in Europe and not 110 like the USA, there are a few electronic items...

Moving to The Netherlands, part one. I am starting to get prepared for the big move from the USA to The UPakWeShip Netherlands office. You are probably thinking, oh it must be easy for you seeing you are in the business of international moving. In some ways yes that is...

I was looking at the BBC news this morning and saw this article about moving prisoners to another country. This is not the re birth of Australia or a new island that we could export prisoners to. (By the way, off the subject line a bit here, but...

Well Done USA. As a dual citizen half Brit and half American I have to say I am very proud of the USA. Such passion! England just never manages to get the pride that America has with all sporting events. Tim Howard you are world class! One of these years in the...

USA to Netherlands Mar 14, 2014 by Joshua Arranged a single ubox shipment from NC. Alicia and James handled everything. Information provided was great, my few questions were answered promptly, pick up of the box was a breeze and drop off also without complaints. Was kept well informed while my...

USA to Netherlands Mar 08, 2014 by John Kimmel UPakWeShip was great. They were very clear in their instructions, and everything went like clockwork, inquiries, paperwork, delivery of the 20 ft container; no complaints. Stephanie Cardone handled this great and always came right back if I needed to know something. Well...