The Pros and Cons of Moving Abroad

For most, moving abroad is something which will take a lot of time and consideration. Whilst we may wish we could up and leave, there may be mortgages, children and jobs to consider. Plus, if it were that easy, wouldn’t everyone be hopping on planes to move country?

If you’ve been presented with the opportunity to move, you’ll likely be wondering whether it’s worth it, or if it will be the right decision for you.

With over 30 years of moving experience (and a lot of personal experience from our team too!), we’ve pieced together the pros and cons you should consider before moving abroad:


There is a unique opportunity to travel when you’ve moved to a new country – whether it’s to explore the country itself, or its neighbours. Every state is different in the USA, so heading across the pond is a real adventure. Travel anywhere is an invaluable experience, and getting to discover more about the world is hugely exciting!

The idea of ‘travel’ doesn’t even need to be in the air, you could get a train ride to the next city, or maybe there’s an incredible restaurant you would never have experienced otherwise. The likelihood is, however, once you’ve moved abroad, you’ll be more open and willing to explore other places and make the most of the opportunity.

Moving abroad will likely see personal growth in both yourself and your loved ones. It’s a daunting experience, even more so if you’re moving solo, and it requires a lot of networking and putting yourself out there. Any position in which you’re out of your comfort zone will lead to personal growth, and for a lot of people, there’s nothing more rewarding than the experience of moving abroad.

You’ll meet new people, even if you’re wary initially, it will become natural to say hello to your local coffee shop owner, or see familiar faces in your neighbours. You could meet your new best friend or even the love of your life! If you’re moving abroad to join a loved one, you’ll also become a part of their lives and network, which will include meeting more people and experiencing their culture first-hand.

Moving abroad looks great on a resume, because it shows you have a lot of transferable skills, including initiative and independence. Whether it’s for the country you’re moving to, or for when you eventually come home, having a long-term experience abroad will really make you stand out against other candidates, and can lead to a natural flow in conversation during interviews.


Naturally, the biggest con is that you’ll miss your friends and family. Even the most seasoned expats get homesick. Whether it’s for their loved ones or a type of food you can’t buy in your new home country *cough* Marmite *cough*. Homesickness is real, but it does get a lot easier, and the chances are you’ll be so caught up in the moving process, that it won’t impact you too much.

Missing home is also related to culture shock, which happens when you aren’t familiar with your surroundings. This plus a lack of support network can be the downfall of many expats, however, it’s important to stay positive and know that everyone feels like this once.

The bureaucracy of moving abroad can be daunting,  so always make sure to do your research on your new home. Even if you speak the language, making friends with locals will also help you to overcome any cultural boundaries, and most people are more than willing to lend a hand to someone struggling to get to grips with it all.

Deciding what to take with you can be a huge challenge, but nobody knows your belongings better than yourself. If you’re looking to move abroad, why not pack your own belongings and have peace of mind that you know exactly what is what and where is where. That way, you won’t be landing with furniture you’re unable to store, and you can de-clutter in the process!

UPakWeShip is a self-packing service for international movers. Save money by packing yourself, and we’ll pick up from your doorstep and deliver it to your new front door! Even better, the tax and customs forms are all part of the service – and most importantly, the price!

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