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The #1 Secret International Movers Won’t Tell You……..

Unless you have a bunch of high end furniture or antiques, get rid of it! Ditch it, sell it, donate it and buy new the other end. Why pay over $10,000 to ship your used furniture overseas?  Buy things that will fit in with the style of your new pad and furniture that feels right at home in your new residence. I can all but guarantee that your old king sized bed, big L shaped sofa and cherry red heavy wood desk will not look right at home in your little cottage in England, luxury condo in Paris, vacation home in Spain or your new family home down under!

Instead of shipping all the big stuff, just take your personal items that will make your new residence….well personal!  Pictures, ornaments, bedding, some kitchenware, clothes, and a few bits n pieces will easily be less than 100 cubic feet. We can ship your personal items to most destinations around the world for less than $1500 door to door all inclusive!

Save time, save money, save headaches by just shipping your personal items by UPakWeShip pallet or U Crate.

For the best International Moving and Shipping Rates just email and in no time at all you can be relaxing on your new bed and sofa in your new overseas residence admiring the pictures on the wall of the family and friends you left behind all snuggled up in your favorite childhood blanket that you had to ship………

You get the picture! Save money and travel and ship light!

Contact UPakWeShip to find out how you can ship your personal items packed in boxes for under $1500 delivered to your door overseas for an all-inclusive price.

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