Expats Moving From The Netherlands Back Home

Top 5 Tips for Moving Overseas From the Netherlands

It’s your time to go. The average age that a person leaves their family household in the European Union is 26. Many young people look to go abroad in order to find new job opportunities and make connections.


Whether you are young or old, moving overseas is a great experience. Yet you shouldn’t book your international flight just yet.


How can you minimize the disruption of your overseas trip on your finances? What do you need in order to move? How can you deal with moving overseas shipping costs?


Answer these questions and you can find a new home in a foreign country in little time. Here is your quick guide.


1. Secure Your Finances


Do not even think about moving overseas unless it is a financially smart decision. You should move if you are going to take a new job, or if you are looking to retire. The cost of moving overseas can be significant, depending on where exactly you go.


Go to the bank and make sure you have plenty of money squared away. In the event that you lose your job, you should have at least six months of money for food and housing.


Take a look at what housing opportunities are available to you. Try to find something cheap, but you should live in an environment that is safe and comfortable.


Check to see how much it will cost to move your belongings into your new home country. You may need to file paperwork for a visa or other documents as well, which can cost money.


2. Deal With All of the Paperwork


If you are moving within the Schengen Area, your immigration process is easy. You can go to another country without having to apply for a visa.


If you are going to a non-Schengen country, your process may be more complicated. You must apply for a visa several months in advance. The terms of your visa may limit your ability to work or move inside of the country.


This means that you may need to file for permanent residency. This is more complicated than getting a tourist visa.


Do your research on what the process looks like. Go to an immigration lawyer for assistance and talk to the local embassy. Follow all rules as they are written, and do not deviate from your lawyer’s advice.


Even if you are moving within the Schengen Area, you need to secure the documents you have right now. Make sure you have all papers that identify you, including your birth certificate.


3. Be Prepared for Cultural Differences


Culture shock can set in with any move overseas. Even if you are staying within Europe, every European country has its own unique culture.


Normative practices in the Netherlands may be seen as unusual elsewhere. Some cultures like the United States put value into speaking with strangers.


If you are moving outside of Europe, it is absolutely essential that you do your research on your new country’s culture. There are many guides to the culture of the United States.


You should do research on the particular country you are moving to, not the continent. African, Asian, and South American countries are just as diverse as European ones.


4. Look Into an Overseas Moving Company


Once you know about your new home, you can start thinking about overseas moving. It is possible to handle your move on your own, but you won’t have a smooth journey.


An overseas moving company will ship your belongings to your new home. This means that you do not have to bring large bags with you to the airport. You can worry about your personal belongings while professionals take care of the rest.


Companies offer a range of services. If you have a lot of possessions you want to ship, you can get a large crate at little expense. You can also ship individual boxes if you want to.


You do need to pack your own crates or boxes. You can ask the company for some assistance, but you should take charge of the packing process. If you have anything you don’t want to bring, give it away or sell it.


5. Spend Time With Your Social Network


Do not leave anyone uninformed about your move. Talk to each of your friends and family members and tell them about your plans.


People will remember that you did not tell them that you were going to move. It is okay if you don’t want to inform a few people. But your relationships with them will suffer.


It is essential that you talk to any clients or work associates, especially ones you will work with while you are abroad. Make sure your relationships will not get hurt. You may want to do some sort of favour for them to make up for the disruption your move causes.


Then spend some time with them at different engagements. If it is easier, you can throw a party and invite everyone to it. Get their contact information so you can remain in touch with them while you are abroad.


What to Do When Moving Overseas


Moving overseas requires several distinct steps. Make sure you can cover the cost of your move. You should have good financial opportunities near your new home.


Deal with the immigration process, filling out all necessary paperwork. Study up on your new country and make sure you don’t experience culture shock.


An overseas moving company will handle your belongings for you. But you need to spend some time packing. You should also smooth things over with your friends and relatives.


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