U Crate 100 Out and In and all is loaded on pallets for the win!

This is a flat packed U Crate 100 departing our warehouse and on the way to a customer. They weigh a little over 100 lbs. but quite easy to move with two people. You can put it up on end and gently roll it if needed. Its a good idea to practice loading it to see how much you can get in it and deciding what goes where. You could do this in your house or garage. Obviously on collection day though we need to have the U crate ready outside on your curb or driveway and possibly your garage if it fits and is near the road.





This is what the U Crate 100 looks like when you have loaded it. Everything is safe and sound in the U Crate as it travels by truck back to our shipping terminal in South Carolina. Make sure you stick our label we give you on the outside of the U Crate.

You can fill it with boxes and in-between you should be able to slide in some other items like fishing polls, guitar in a hard case, beach chairs or in my case my keyboard stand.

The difference in safety of your items having everything in a U Crate compared with just loading your items loose into a shipping container with other peoples goods is like chalk and cheese. If for some very strange reason 🙂 you are using someone else for moving overseas, make sure please that they are loading your items in a crate and then in a container and not loading your items loose. Too much risk of loss and damage to ship loose. Everything that UPakWeShip loads into its groupage / consolidation shipping containers gets loaded by a forklift on a pallet or crate. Nothing goes loose!




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