Using the lockdown to budget for your move abroad

The current uncertainty around the world is impacting everyone. If you’re one of those who were hoping to move in the new year, it’s even harder.

At UPakWeShip, our services have become increasingly limited in Europe due to border control and regulations. With one of the UPak team catching an emergency flight back to the UK after just moving to New Zealand – we know firsthand the impact of this uncertainty.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom and we’re continuing to function in other areas of our business, so we’ll be ready to go as the areas out of our control resume to normal!

To add to the positivity, there are a number of ways you can spend this time productively. Depending on your reasons for moving abroad, you may have a relocation allowance provided by your job. At the very least, you should have a rough budget on how much you’re willing to spend on the process.

How do you use this time to make your move more affordable in the future?

1. Refund your flight tickets
If your flights were booked for lockdown, most airlines are offering refunds or new flights in the knowledge you can’t fly currently. With this in mind and no date for resuming normality, it could be worth accepting the refund rather than the new flight date.

Flight prices are expected to drop dramatically, with airlines desperate for their grounded planes to be full of passengers. The chances are, if you get a refund and then rebook your flights when the time suits you, you’ll save much more money than on the ticket you initially bought.

2. Research potential movers for the best deal
Having time on your side means you don’t have to rush into finding a mover for your needs and wants. The safety of your belongings shouldn’t be compromised, which is why shopping around is incredibly important when deciding to move anywhere.

On top of this, you’ll often find some movers are less transparent than others. Make sure the mover you go with has no-hidden-fees, and the price you are quoted is the price you pay when your shipment is delivered.

3. Save money on movers by packing yourself
Packing yourself is one of the easiest ways to save money on your move – and right now, you have the time to do just that. All of our services are detailed on our website – if you know how big your pallet or U-Crate will be, you can practice packing in advance and save money and time on having people help you move.

Rather than the classic mad-rush that often happens when moving abroad, you can steadily begin to sort out and pack your belongings for the future. Not only will this make your move smoother, but the sooner you order your service when things return to normal, the closer to the front of the queue you will be to moving abroad!

UPakWeShip is continuing to offer services with certain limitations. Keep up-to-date via our Facebook page or email

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