3 Steps for a Safe Overseas Move in 2020

Right now, the priority across the world is to stay safe and continue with life where possible. It’s been a strange year, but we’ve helped thousands of people move in 2020, so, we wanted to share with future customers the safest, most convenient ways to move during a pandemic. Whilst many would love the world to stop turning, the reality is that it doesn’t. There are visas to fill, jobs to transfer to, and opportunities awaiting in new countries.

So, this is how you can ensure safety is your priority, without compromising on a happy move.

1. Follow the updates on travel advice and guidance

Despite wanting everything to be normal, things aren’t, and every country is dealing with the pandemic in different ways. The best thing you can do for your peace of mind and your move is to be prepared. Governments are constantly updating their official websites with advice for travel and those coming into and out of the country. Take a look at the local news from your destination and ensure you’re aware of any guidelines or quarantining rules you might need to follow. Every country differs with precautions, laws, and rules, and things are changing all the time, so stay up informed.

Here are some useful websites which may be of use:
UK Foreign Travel Advice
USA Foreign Travel Advice
European Foreign Travel Advice

2. Use a reliable curbside mover that prioritizes safety

UPakWeShip is a curbside moving company, which specializes in collecting and delivering on your door-step. This means, nobody has to go into your home, nobody is using your toilet, nobody is touching your belongings, and you know exactly where everything is and what needs prioritizing. By packing yourself, not only do you minimize the impact of your move, but you can also save yourself a lot of money. Curbside moving is the perfect option for those who want to move safely and affordably. You can receive an instant quote for your move, right now.

3. Fly in comfort using the money you’ve saved on moving

Not only is moving with UPakWeShip safe, it’s also affordable. We’ve laid out how using UPakWeShip’s moving services are socially distant, but the impact of moving with us goes further than that. Moving without packers means you’ll save the money usually spent on people coming in and packing your belongings. Why not use this extra budget to upgrade your flight and ensure you can have a bit more room and be less likely to sit near others in cramped economy seating.

If you’re looking to move overseas safely and affordably, you can find out your moving price right now with our instant rates calculator. We are looking forward to another fall/winter season of moving people to their new destinations.



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