A walk through the UPakWeShip warehouse Jan 22nd

After a cold start of 25 degrees I ventured out into the UPakWeShip warehouse in a sort of warm 50 degrees late morning to see what we had in the Walterboro warehouse today.

We have already loaded two 40 foot shipping containers heading across to Rotterdam today full with U Crates and pallets. We also as you can see have a UK load in our staging area ready for loading tomorrow and then we have another 40ft loading for Rotterdam on Thursdays.

Having three 40 foot consolidation containers in one week heading for our UPakWeShip office in Europe in January plus a separate 40ft to UPakWeShip UK is not too shabby for January!

The first picture shows a couple of U Crate 100’s that have just arrived from UPakWeShip Europe and in our Walterboro warehouse before heading off to Florida later this week where I hope it will be a little warmer! The second picture show a great looking customer pack and loaded pallet ready for shipping to Australia later this month. The third picture shows some nice heavy duty plastic crates on a pallet about to leave for Italy, (Asta La Pasta Baby) and the fourth picture shows our staging area where we prep and check the load before loading in this case a 40 foot container to Southampton England.

If you need a quote for shipping across the Atlantic, either way,  have a chat with UPakWeShip with their own offices, operations and know how in the UK, Europe and America.

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