Adult Bed Time Story

To Bed or Not? That is the question…..

Modern grey bedroom with a red armchairNearly every day at UPakWeShip we get asked to quote on a shipment that is moving overseas of boxes and a bed…..

So much so that I think I need to write about this and put any misconceptions about bed shipping and is it worth it or not “to bed” (pun obviously intended)

Let’s talk about one of the cheaper countries you can ship a bed to from the USA, and use England as an example.

I would say a queen size bed is the average size bed these days. Does any adult still sleep on a single bed?  A queen size mattress is about 60 x 80 inches or for Europeans that’s about 153 x 202 cm. So the mattress alone by the time its put in a cardboard mattress box is about 35 cubic feet. If you have a frame and headboard you can about double that to 70 cubic feet. With a rough price of door to door shipping at $12 per cubic foot that works out to $840

Another way to look at this is you can ship a pallet load of boxes say to England with UPakWeShip for $1120 but if you have a bed to ship it really needs to be in a crate for protection. The smallest crate a bed fits into is a U Crate 200. The price for a U Crate 200 to England is $2525. Admittedly you can get more furniture than just the bed in the crate but you can see the difference in shipping costs.

At this point I do want to point out that if you are shipping a whole house load of furniture in a 20 or 40 foot shipping container then the difference of shipping a bed or not will be nothing. I am strictly talking about those who want to just ship their personal items in boxes and for some reason think it’s also a good idea to take their old bed!

The actual costs of course will vary depending on your destination but the difference of shipping a bed at an extra $840 – $1400 will roughly remain about the same.

So you have to ask yourself, is my bed worth shipping? Are all those memories or achievements worth that amount of money to ship your bed or are you better off just buying a new one at the destination?

On top of that you might also want to consider that the new bedding for your cherished old faithful might be a different size at the destination as not all beds are the same size around the world.

Other considerations include the size of your bedroom. The chances of getting your Californian King Size bed into your boudoir apartment in Paris are “petite”

So I will leave you to sleep on this thought as it’s entirely up to you, but maybe getting rid of the bed and saving some cash under the mattress might not be a bad idea! May be you should have some “pillow” talk with your partner about the pros and cons of bed shipping and starting afresh at your new destination with a new bed.

Night Night, sweet dreams and don’t let all those old bed bugs bite! (yes they will follow you) Ewwwww


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