April 4th warehouse visit, here’s what I saw!

I popped in to the UPakWeShip / EuroUSA office and warehouse yesterday and took some pictures. I think it will give you a good idea of how our U Crates look after travel and the various destinations we serve on any given week.

So the first picture shows some of the flat packed U Crates, palletized and shrink wrapped ready to depart our warehouse and be shipped to customers houses. You can see 1,2 and 3 U crates stacks.

The second picture is a U Crate 100 waiting to be shipped in our consolidation container to UPakWeShip Europe in Rotterdam for onward delivery to Hungary, The next shows U Crate 200’s waiting for the trip to Rotterdam as well with final delivery to Portugal.

The next 3 photos in line all show very nicely packed U Crate 100’s  the first is on the way to England, the middle one has just been unloaded from Europe and is about to be delivered to California and the third one has also come from Europe and is going to be delivered in Texas.

So can you see how well these U Crates have stood up to being shipped half way across the world? They still look as good as new. That’s why they work so well in keeping your precious things safe!

In the bottom row we have a U Crate 50 also coming from Europe and ready to be delivered to Tampa FL, a nicely packed and loaded pallet waiting to depart to Europe for final destination Italy and last but not least a perfect looking U Crate 100 heading to Switzerland via UPakWeShip Europe. ( No holes in this one!, sorry for the cheesy joke!)

I hope you enjoyed the trip around the warehouse, let me know if there is something else you would like to see.

Happy Packing everyone! Cheers The International Moving Doctor.

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