Cold to Hot

  Or Canada to Spain!

Someone has had enough of the cold Canadian winters and is heading to warmer lands.

Thanks for the perfect picture showing the U Crate 50 and U Crate 100 that you ordered from us. You have done a great job packing up everything inside as well as securing the straps and plastic covers perfectly. Loading them like this makes it very easy for the driver to pick it up with a pallet jack and using his tail lift on the back of the truck, safely move it into the trailer for transport back to our shipping terminal in Toronto.

From there it will be loaded into a 40 foot shipping container and shipped to UPakWeShip Europe office to arrange customs clearance and delivery to the curbside in the same condition in Spain.

UPakWeShip makes it safe, easy, cost effective, fast and contact free for international moving and shipping.

All our door to door lump sum prices are available for you to see on our web sites. Just click on the UK, USA, Canada or European flag depending on where you are moving from.

Great job Fiona and Bon Voyage, you made a great choice!

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