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Moving Overseas From Virginia? Here’s How To Find The Right International Shipping Company

International shipping can be so expensive and there are several factors that affect the cost of shipping. Location and the frequency of flights can significantly affect the cost of shipping. Another factor is the type of items or goods you’re shipping — cars and other large items are more expensive to ship than food. If you’re in a hurry and want to expedite the shipping, that will also cost you more.


If you’re moving from Virginia to another country and want to save money — find the right shipping company. A reliable shipping company can help you reduce the cost of shipping your valuables from Virginia overseas. This article discusses the challenges of shipping your valuables from Virginia overseas and why hiring the right international shipping company is important.


Issues associated with international shipping:


Damaged Items


One of the biggest challenges you face when shipping overseas is when your valuables are damaged during shipping. This can happen when the items are not properly packed or when the moving crate can’t withstand bumpy roads or turbulence. Before your big move, it’s essential that you start packing ahead of time. Ensure that your valuables are properly packed inside a durable box.


Give yourself enough time to pack all of your belongings and avoid packing mistakes as much as possible. If you’re shipping glass jars or anything made with glass or porcelain, bubble wrap them and add an extra layer of tape around the items, so they don’t break.


Unknowledgeable Staff


It’s easy to ship items within the United States. But when you’re moving overseas, there are many things to take care of, such as the customs requirements, forms that need to be filled out, and other international shipping rules and regulations. It’s incredibly important to hire a shipping company in Virginia with a staff that are knowledgeable about international shipping to avoid issues down the road.


Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered at UPakWeShip. We have over 33 years of experience handling international shipments. Our professional staff are aware of all the rules and regulations concerning international shipping. We’ll make sure that you have complete documentation so we don’t run into a problem. In addition, we have a wealth of resources available on how to pack efficiently and create shipment labels for hassle-free shipping.


High Shipping Costs


Shipping your valuables overseas can be very expensive, but you can save money by hiring the right international shipping company. It can also help if you arrange to ship ahead of time. Booking at the last minute may cost you even more or when you’re expediting your shipping.


Planning ensures that you book the right container for your shipping needs. As much as possible, pack ahead of time, so you know what size of container or crate you’ll need for shipping your items overseas. Get in touch with UPakWeShip today for affordable shipping from Virginia to another country. You can choose from four different shipping services to suit your needs.


Lost Items


It can be stressful knowing that the valuables you carefully packed got lost during shipping. This can occur when the shipping company isn’t careful and inexperienced. This is why it’s essential for you to hire the right shipping company when you’re moving from Virginia to another country. As much as possible, choose a company with several years of experience as they can guarantee that your valuables will be delivered to your location.


You won’t have to worry about damaged or lost items when hiring the right international shipping company. Don’t hesitate to contact UPakWeShip — our years of experience make us an expert in the industry. Rest assured, all of our staff will go the extra mile to provide exceptional services to all of our clients.


Shipping Hazardous Materials


There are restrictions when shipping hazardous materials overseas. To avoid problems, ensure that you always adhere to the rules. Hiring the right shipping company becomes even more important, especially when shipping hazardous materials or items. A reliable company can educate you on things you need to know, such as the paperwork needed, and properly pack and handle each hazardous material.


Natural Disasters


This will be outside of anyone’s control, but an experienced shipping company can help you avoid natural disasters and other disruptions as much as possible. If they have been shipping internationally for several years, a team of professionals will be monitoring world events or the weather to anticipate problems.


Experienced shippers will always have a workaround, and they will always help as much as possible so that you can receive the items in good condition and on time. That’s where UPakWeShip comes in — we’ve been doing this for years, and our experience makes us an expert in handling international shipments. Don’t hesitate to call so we can help.


The Importance of Properly Packing Your Items


An international shipping company can help you ship your valuables from Point A to Point B. However, you need to also do your part to ensure that your items won’t break or become damaged.


You need to properly pack all of your valuables and use durable boxes for them. For the protection and safety of your belongings, make sure that you also seal the boxes and label them properly. Lastly, hire the right shipping partner to help you ship all of your belongings.


Contact UPakWeShip


Are you moving from Virginia to another country? Don’t worry; we can help you ship all of your belongings! It’s easy to ship your valuables with us — simply choose a shipping option, and our team will deliver your empty shipping container to your location. Put all of your things in the container, and we’ll pick them up for delivery. We have been doing this for several years and still going strong.


Our positive testimonials show how serious we are when it comes to handling your valuables. Rest assured, we will deliver them to your preferred location on time and in good condition. Get in touch with us today.


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