Moving To Denmark


Great Moving Review

To All of You at Eurousa and UPakWeShip, Thank you for your assistance with having our shipment delivered from tht U.S. to Denmark. On March 16 the contents of our u-crate was pleasantly delivered by 2 gentlemen from the U.K. We were excited and somewhat surprised when we were called on March 14, to arrange delivery time, as the expected date of delivery was for up to 2 weeks later. However we were ready for delivery to our newly rented apartment and the delivery was made flawlessly. Every piece that was shipped was in perfect condition, including the most fragile items, and the 2 porters took great care when bringing the boxes to the flat. We are thrilled to have our personal items back in our possession and greatly appreciate the service we recieved. From our initial contact, in the U.S. with Alicia Stout, to the progress updates we recieved, from Sue, Abigail and Karolina in the U.K., we were satisfied with the communication concerning our shipment. Although we had some reservations, when we were informed that it could be as late as the week of March 25, we were impressed that the delivery had been expedited and the earlier delivery was welcomed and appreciated. Again thanks to everyone who assisted us in this process. We are greatly relieved, and impressed, that our belongings made the journey intact and undamaged. We would recommend the services of Eurousa/The Eurogroup to anyone planning a move and would certainly use your services ourselves if we need to do this again.
Thanks again and kind regards,
Marianne and Joe Kopp-Spero

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