Moving UK to the USA?

It doesn’t matter how long you have been here (me 24 years), you still miss British stuff! I am not a fan of shopping but I do love going to World Market. They are in most major cities here and unless you are moving from the UK to Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta or Florida that have their own British stores, you will enjoy the shopping trip and like me, get excited to find proper baked beans, Hobnobs, Branston and the pièce de résistance, tinned custard!

Yes you can buy all this on line but you will miss out on buying the stuff you didn’t know you wanted like yesterday I bought a teas spoon holder shaped as a tea pot and designed in Union Jack colours. Crabbies Ginger Beer from England was another find as well as crisps named Full English Breakfast which I have yet to try.

So if you are moving to any city in the USA from England, don’t fear about missing your favorite things. Obviously UPakWeShip UK can ship over all your bits and pieces to make your new home in America slightly different from your neighbors, but you can also find a good supply of salad cream and pickled onions here at World Market.

I’ll leave the story of my British Phone box in my American half bath for another time……. Why is it a half bath? Who’s idea was it to name it half bath? and surely the water would leak everywhere out of half of the bath when the faucet is turned on, I mean tap, oh don’t get me started.

Need help moving to the USA? Email the Moving Doctor for expert British advice.

Dinner tonight is going to be beans on toast with full English Breakfast crisps washed down with some cold Ginger Beer. Life is good! If you have any questions about what life is like for Brits living and working in the USA or any questions about relocating to the USA, feel free to contact me. I don’t mind if you are moving with a different International Removal company, serious advice, wit, sarcasm is always free.

Cheers and hail to the pickled onion!  UK Tel 020 3004 9700 or USA 1 866 868 6386

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