On the Move Again

  After much thought, we have decided its time for International Move number six!

Why? we will get to that later.

Is everything OK? Yes all is very good, Natalie and Pete are doing a great job  at UPakWeShip in the USA and are starting to take over the reigns allowing us to move on. We will still be overseeing all financial and marketing activities of the offices.

Who? The International Moving Doctor and his wife.

Where? Spain. We will be starting UPakWeShip Europe. We already have UPakWeShip in the UK that handles moves into and out of Europe but having our own base in Europe will definitely improve quality and strengthen our relationships with our European partners and customers.

What does this mean? It means I am going to be able to give you the first hand knowledge you need to relocate to Spain. Over the next few months I hope to share with you all the information and experience I will have gained about moving overseas to Spain. I will be answering everything about this International Relocation to Spain from, will my Netflix account work, how do I get a NIE number, shall I ship my car? what about our dog Shep? do the locals pups woof in Spanish, shall we ship the furniture, what about an immigration lawyer, setting up a bank account, getting a drivers license, do we rent or buy? What about our USA house, bank accounts, life insurance, Wills etc.

I am hoping that this blog will be the most comprehensive guide for anyone moving from the USA to Spain or anywhere in Europe.

When? Well seeing I am a British citizen the easiest way of doing this will be to have the visas in place before Brexit in March 2019.

Watch this space for more updates, comprehensive information and everything you are going to need to know if you are thinking of moving to Spain.



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