Pallet and U Crate Collection and deliveries

A frequently asked intl moving question when moving overseas with UPakWeShip is can you collect the pallet or U Crate from our gravel driveway? The answer unfortunately is no, we cant, and I would like to explain why.

  When the truck comes to collect your for example 650lb loaded U Crate or Pallet, it comes with 3 important features.

Number 1 is the driver who is also responsible for loading the U Crate or Pallet into the truck.

Second is the tail lift fitted to the truck that will actually lift your shipment up and into the truck.

The third integral part of this operation is the Pallet Jack or sometimes referred to as a pump truck. The pallet jack which is on roller wheels, slides through the spacing on the pallet and once in place you can pump the handle a few     times which jacks up the pallet a few inches off the ground allowing the pallet jack to be pulled (by the driver) along  the pavement and onto the trucks tail lift. Now obviously if that pallet jack was to be pulled by the driver or even a worlds strongest man contestant, trying to move this over rough ground, soft grass, mud or gravel would just about be impossible.

So please make sure all pallets and U Crates are loaded and ready for collection on pavements please.

Any other International Moving Questions, don’t forget to ask the international moving doctor.

Don’t forget our international moving prices and services are always available online 24/7 with our international household goods cost calculator giving you up to date all inclusive door to door intl moving rates from the USA to Europe, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

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