Moving Abroad From Texas

Shipping Internationally From Texas? Here’s How To Do It Safely (And Affordably)

Moving can be stressful for everyone. Moving internationally from Texas? That can host a unique set of challenges. You want peace of mind that not only will the big move be handled by professionals who know what they’re doing, but they’ll do it with expertise. When shipping internationally from Texas, there are many factors to bear in mind…



The Biggest Challenges With Moving Internationally…


Moving, in general, is rife with difficulties. Moving to another country altogether has its own struggles. Not only is money an integral facet. There are many other aspects that make moving everything you own a complicated process.


These involve work visas, knowing what you can bring with you, and most importantly, knowing how to get it there. Once your possessions are moved-can they go right into your new home, or will you need temporary storage?



Updating Your Visa


Make sure you are allowed to live in the country where you wish to relocate before packing up your things. Having your passport at the border is not enough. You must go through the rest of the process.


For each country that you intend to move to, you will need to research Visa requirements. Many countries offer work visas allowing applicants to work for three months, six months, or a full year. Before breaking out the bubble wrap, it’s crucial to complete this task.



Renting vs Buying


Now that your visa situation is complete, you can focus more on moving your belongings. Have you decided to rent, or buy a new home? In any case-how will you handle the storage of your possessions?


Before packing those boxes, you must know where you’re going. Research the international city you’ll be moving to. Decide whether renting, even temporarily, is the best option. Or, look at houses on the market for sale.


This step is important for many reasons. Deciding on a new living situation will help you decide on a moving budget. You’ll also be able to get an idea of what you want to pack and take with you. When you have a solid move-in date, then you’ll know how to navigate storage options.



Do you know if you need to pay tariffs and fees to move to your new country?


Another challenge many people aren’t aware of when moving internationally. You may not be able to bring everything you own without paying a lot of tariffs and fees.


Tariffs applied to imports of household articles are a major concern when moving. The fee amounts and regulations for items vary per country you will be moving to. Import laws are serious, and one mistake in documentation can cause disastrous results. The last thing you want to deal with is having your belongings held up in customs by paperwork errors or unexpected fees.


It’s important to be diligent when researching tariffs on household items, and even yes, your family pets. Know what’s allowed, what isn’t, and how much it will all cost.


It’s possible you may be exempt from paying fees and tariffs on your household goods, or even vehicles. This will come down to qualifications and proper documentation. All the more reason to make sure you’re fully aware of the entire process when it comes to importing goods from the United States.


Stress comes with an upside when deciding what is significant enough to move internationally: decluttering. You may want to get rid of an item that you can’t live without if it isn’t essential. You’ll thank yourself later, and so will your budget.



Shipping Internationally From Texas via Sea Freight


When moving from Texas to an international location, you naturally want the most cost-effective solution.


Shipping household goods by sea freight is the most efficient and cost-effective way to move to a new country. To accomplish this, you will need to have a container shipped to your home by an international moving company.


The container is loaded with household items, and a trucker picks it up and transports it to the port. An international moving company with a door-to-door or door-to-port service helps ensure that the container is sent to the correct carrier and that all customs clearance documents are completed and submitted.



Why UPakWeShip Excels at Shipping Internationally From Texas


If you are looking for an international shipping company, UPakWeShip offers the most affordable DIY moving solutions worldwide. We have locations not just in Texas, but across the continental United States. There are also offices in the UK, mainland Europe, and Toronto, which cover all of Canada. And we have terminals worldwide. It doesn’t matter where you go, UPakWeShip will be there for you.


Our licensed professionals are knowledgeable and highly skilled in all areas. The shipping coordinators at our company have over 33 years of experience handling international shipments all over the world. Additionally, we offer online tools to create shipping labels, packing lists, and more.



Everything You Need With One Simple Service…


Whenever you ship internationally from Texas, you need a well-thought-out plan. Self-pack shipping is a specialty of UPakWeShip.


By guiding you through the process in a quick, efficient, and professional way, you’ll money and ensure that you get the stress-free moving service you deserve.


You will receive a free quote based on the specifics of your shipping requirements. With your shipping container, there are no hidden fees, and you will be guided throughout the process. The process of shipping, customs, and delivery is transparent from start to finish. UPakWeShip is also Fully Licensed and Bonded by Federal Maritime Commission.



How It Works


Our shipping experts will give helpful suggestions to keep your quote price low. You pick the size shipping container that best fits your needs.  One way to save on costs is to pack yourself. UPakWeShip offers moving materials to make packing easier. Once your container is loaded, UPakWeShip will collect it for delivery to your destination (either to Port or to your Home).


You can find more information on the entire international shipping process in our free book: Moving Overseas, the definitive guide.


To get started on your quote, contact UPakWeShip today. Let one of our professionals guide you through the process of moving internationally. Rest assured that your new journey will be the easiest, most efficient, and most economical move of your life.



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