Small Family Moving Overseas?

  Our U Crate 100’s are perfect to safely ship all those things you need to take with you. Leave the big furniture behind that is expensive to ship and just bring all the rest of your things.
It’s great for your extra clothes, a dismantled bike, PC, monitor, maybe some pictures, golf clubs or your guitar, keyboard or maybe a small desk or favorite office chair and don’t forget toys! You can probably fill one U Crate just with toys! I always think kids bring a disproportionate amount of stuff with them, lol.
If you have been given a lump sum for your relocation to pastures new, using our U Crate 100’s are an easy fit. Look online at our automatic rate calculator, just enter the country, area and destination and “Bobs Your Uncle”, there is your all-inclusive door to door shipping rate online for you. You receive big discounts for shipping multiple U Crates.
U Crate 100’s are available in the UK, All over Europe, the USA and Canada.
The U Crates come to you flat packed and are easy to put together and safely load up all your things.

UPakWeShip’s U Crate 100’s

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