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  Here are 3 U Crate 100's packed and ready for collection today in Hungary. They are going to be trucked back to UPakWeShip in the Netherlands and then loaded into a shipping container and sent over to UPakWeShip USA in Charleston, SC where they will arrange delivery to the...

 We loaded a 40 foot shipping container today at our Netherlands office with shipments all bound for America. As you can see from the rear we have pallets as well as UPakWeShip's unique U Crates keeping everything safe and sound during the voyage for moving and shipping everything to the USA. We...

We received a container full of U Crates from our UK office today for delivery across the USA. Having our own offices in the UK and the USA allows us to ship peoples belongings seamlessly across the pond in both directions. You can see the U Crates being unloaded into...

  Our European team have recently moved into this new warehouse and office facility in Heinenoord, The Netherlands With solar panels on the roof, it should be self sufficient in power if the sun ever comes out! UPakWeShip’s export division is servicing clients throughout Europe for self-pack and full-service shipments, mainly heading to...

  A sales person to help promote UPakWeShip’s services in Europe and provide the best customer service to our customers thinking about moving overseas from Europe. The position based at our UPakWeShip EU BV (Rotterdam) office is full time. The successful candidate will help the team with sales presentations, answer...

For those planning to move or travel overseas, insurance seems to be one of those things that is either entirely overlooked or top of the list. Whether its' medical, travel or shipping insurance - we're often asked whether insurance is actually necessary. Getting your belongings delivered in one piece is our...

  Just a little note to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year. Thanks so much to our Customers and Vendors for supporting us  through this crazy year. Well done UPakWeShip team in the USA, UK, Europe and Canada for providing awesome customer service and International Relocation Services. We are closing at...

Due to the impacts of Covid-19and possibly Brexit, the USA & UK ports are experiencing an escalating influx of import volumes. This is resulting in overcapacity and/ or equipment shortages. While affecting ports worldwide, it is especially being felt in Southampton, Felixstowe, New York, and Los Angeles. The shutdowns due to...

They say moving is one of life’s most stressful experiences, but it definitely doesn’t need to be. With preparation, organization and a fantastic moving company on your side, your moving experience can be far smoother than you ever thought possible. But how do you find the right mover for you? With...