How to Combat Health Concerns When Moving Abroad

Health has never been a bigger concern for people moving abroad, and rightly so. However, with borders opening up and lockdown steadily lifting, many people have decided it’s time to go ahead with their overseas move. By keeping on top of any health conditions and protecting yourself where possible, there’s no reason why your move should be put off any longer. But what can you do to make sure you all land in great health?

Take Precautions When Flying

The truth is, there may be no avoiding flying. Planes aren’t particularly fun at the best of times, and at the moment many people are avoiding flying to their destination. But if you have no alternative, don’t spend your time worrying too much about the risks. There are precautions you can take, and flights are taking their own steps to protect passengers too.

As is the case with going to the supermarket, wear a mask and gloves where you can, avoid touching your face, and bring hand sanitiser and anti-bac wipes to wipe down your area of the plane. The best way to avoid spreading any kind of infection or virus is to minimise contact, so you may decide to splash out on an upgrade to give yourself a little more room.

Translate Your Medical Documents

If your home country has a different first-language to the one you’re moving to, make sure your medical documents have been translated. From vaccines to allergies, translating your medical records will save a lot of time when you go to sign up to a new Doctor’s Surgery.

Research the Healthcare and Treatment

If somebody in your family has an ongoing condition, it’s vital to make sure your destination country has matching healthcare and treatment. The go-to medical treatment can vary from country to country, so if you or someone else moving is receiving ongoing care, you’ll want to check that they can continue to receive it when you land – and that you’re aware of any extra costs involved.

Use a Moving Company Who Can Maintain Social Distancing

As previously mentioned, the best way to protect yourself from the spread of germs, is by having minimal contact with others – particularly those you don’t know. The idea of movers coming into your home to pack up your belongings may not seem too appealing right now – so why not pack up yourself and hire a moving company to pick up and deliver your belongings from door-to-door?

UPakWeShip is a curbside moving service, and only requires one person’s signature on pickup and delivery, simply order one of our U-Crates or pallets and you can pack your own belongings. The UPak-way is ideal for maintaining social distancing without compromising expertise and a reliable moving service!

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