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  All these U Crate 100's have just been unloaded out of a 40 foot container arriving Charleston USA from Rotterdam. The ship arrived earlier this week, they have cleared through customs and we will be arranging deliveries across the USA next week. Curb to curb with UPakWeShip. Great rates, Fast...

It doesn't matter how long you have been here (me 24 years), you still miss British stuff! I am not a fan of shopping but I do love going to World Market. They are in most major cities here and unless you are moving from the UK to Los...

We have you covered. Our UK operation can supply you with pallets and U crates as well as self load 20 and 40 foot containers to pack and load. We offer all inclusive very competitive rates to the USA and Canada. Ship more for less with UPakWeShip UK. Email: move@upakweship.uk.com One company door...

If you are moving overseas from the UK , be sure to look at www.upakweship.uk.com Best rates, great personal service, many options, particularly if you are moving to the USA, Canada and Europe. One company door to door. All inclusive pricing.  ...

This young lady has done a great job loading up one of our pallets in San Diego. Its all ready for us to collect it with a tail lift truck and pallet jack. From there we will truck it over to our main shipping terminal in Charleston SC. Once its...

Congratulations The EUROGROUP for winning the Global Moving Team of the year at the 2016 IMC awards ceremony in Phuket Thailand yesterday. The EUROGROUP is our sister company in Europe. For rates and more information visit www.the-eurogroup.com  Tel 44 1638 515 335 Email sales@the-eurogroup.com  ...

What do expats take in their suitcases when traveling home? So I guarantee that every expat Brit that visits the UK takes roughly the following back in their suitcase or at least variations on this theme. Unless allergic, every Brit will return with good old Cadburys chocolate in some shape or form...

With all the snow around, it reminds me of our first winter storm when we moved from London to just outside of Baltimore MD. It was our first winter living in the rental house in Columbia Maryland. Being a Brit who had lived in  the London suburbs I had experienced a few...

If you are moving overseas from the UK check out our new web site www.upakweship.co.uk Great rates and superb customer service always standard if you need a quote for shipping overseas. Call 01638 515 335 and ask for Daniel. Email Daniel@the-eurogroup.com ...