The 5 Best US Cities for Expats

Yes, the national language across the US is the same, but with Texas larger in size than France, you’ll be unsurprised to hear that each state is as unique in its culture and climate as you’d find across Europe. Different specialty dishes, a variety of norms, even the laws differ from state to state.

So how do you figure out where you want to be? Well, the jury’s in, and we’ve uncovered the Top 5 cities to live in the US right now.

Austin, Texas

Austin has been crowned the best city in the US to live, multiple times. So it’s obviously doing something right. With a cost of living lower than the national average, but a dynamic tech sector which contributes to its growing economy, you really do have the best of both worlds.

Not only has Texas’ capital made a name for itself on the list of 25 Best Places to Live for Young Professionals (Forbes), but it is also Parenting Magazines Number 2 city to raise a family – clearly, there’s something for everyone!

San Francisco, California

Unsurprisingly, San Francisco is one of the most desired places to live for both US and EU citizens. SF boasts a booming economy thanks to the city’s reputation – alongside its neighbor, Silicone Valley – as a hotbed for technological advancement. The tech sector has one of the highest salaries, which will be useful because those San Franciscan views do not come cheap.

The city has a reputation for being both progressive and extremely welcoming and is fighting climate change with public transport and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists. Just remember to bring a coat – it’s probably going to get foggy.

Seattle, Washington

If you’re like me and know Seattle for one thing (Grey’s Anatomy), you may be surprised to find out there is a whole city beyond Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. Who’d have thought?

And what a city it is. Surrounded by both mountain ranges and water, Seattle is currently in the Top 10 Cities to live in the US. The coffee is to die for, the views are outstanding… and they allow dogs basically everywhere, what’s not to love?

More ‘solid’ reasons to consider Seattle, are the lack of income tax, the range of bike lanes (if you wanted to leave the car at home), and that it is cheaper than its southern counterpart, San Francisco.

Portland, Oregon

Portland has seen a staggering growth to its population in recent years, with its reputation of ‘something for everyone’. It’s been making its place on the international tech market map, and there are plenty of 21st-century jobs on offer in the city.

It’s also one of the country’s most sustainable cities, ideal for those wanting to cut back on their lifestyle and look towards a sustainable future. Oregonians are particularly proud of their produce, with citizens using local coffee shops, grocery stores and restaurants, rather than their chain alternatives.

Charleston, South Carolina

Fun fact, no building in Charleston is allowed to be built higher than the tallest church steeple. Which makes Charleston a stand-out city by landscape alone. Instead of towering skyscrapers, picture cobbled streets, beautiful buildings of every color, and architecture which hasn’t been touched for years. On top of that, you have six beaches to choose from, as Charleston is a city on the sea.

But it’s not just the city’s history and culture which sets it apart, with a thriving economy, and some of the best private and public schools in the state, you’re spoiled for choice.

With our US office based in Charleston, you might think we’re biased, but we have great reason to be.

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