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Tips To Help You Find The Right International Shipping Company In Florida

Maybe you just got a new job overseas, or perhaps you’ve decided to relocate. Whichever the reason, moving from one country to another can be an exciting experience and also very stressful. It’s time to pack your life and start anew. Besides securing a passport and other paperwork, you need to find a way to transport all your belongings.


There are several international shipping companies in Florida. However, finding one that is professional in handling your belongings can be quite challenging. You need to find a shipping company that can deliver your stuff in time and in good condition. To do that, you need to consider various factors before deciding on the company.


Luckily, there are many shipping hacks to make life easier. Read on to learn some of the challenges you’re likely to face moving from Florida to abroad and what to look for when searching for an international shipping company in Florida.


What Are the Challenges of Moving Overseas?


No matter where you’re moving to or from, you’re likely to face moving challenges which can be frustrating. You can decide to use an airline to transport your belongings, but that comes with extra charges, especially if you have so many containers. Also, some airlines are reluctant to transport bags of personal goods. So, to most, this is not an option.


Fortunately, you can use an international shipping company to move your belongings across the world. But, even then, you’re still likely to face a few challenges, such as:


The Burden of Packing


Even before you start packing, you first have to organize your stuff and decide which to keep, throw or donate. If you’ve lived in Florida for quite a while, it’s hard to notice the many belongings you have accumulated. You may think that all you have to do is clean up a few closets, but until you start organizing your stuff, that’s when you know how much clutter you got.


Trashing or donating stuff you’ve had for years is not easy. You have to let go of things you’ve grown attached to.


Clean Up


Whether you’re moving from your home or a rental place, you need to make sure you leave the place clean and neat. If you stay in the same place for some years, dirt and dust build up underneath your stuff. This means you need to do a thorough cleaning which requires time and effort.


Cleaning up is essential, especially if you’re a tenant. You need to paint over the walls, repair and patch up any damages to get your security deposit.


Moving Costs


The cost of moving is one of the biggest challenges of relocating. Besides incurring costs of repairing your old home and buying packaging materials, you still have to cater for your moving costs. This can be challenging, especially if you find a shipping company that has very high charges.

Be sure to do a thorough research to save on costs. However, do not compromise quality for cost.


Why Should You Choose an International Shipping Company?


Besides saving airline costs, there are other reasons why you should opt for an international shipping company. Some of the reasons include:


  • Reducing your moving costs since you transport all your belongings for a single price
  • Ensures the safety of your delicate items since most offer liability insurance
  • It helps you bring your favorite things to your new destination
  • It makes your moving experience less stressful, allowing you to enjoy the experience


Still, you need to be very careful when choosing a shipping company since not all of them offer quality services. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing an international shipping company.


The Quality of Their Customer Service


When moving, you need a shipping company that can make your work easier and less stressful. Therefore, you need to find a company with an excellent customer service team that’s ready to answer or help you with anything you need. You can call a few companies and see how they respond. If they’re slow and rude, consider finding another shipping company.

The right international shipping company should have a quality customer service team that speaks in various languages, and that is well vast with shipping knowledge.


Customer Reviews


One of the best ways to find a good shipping company is to check reviews. A company that has good ratings and reviews is an indication of great services. However, be careful with companies that only have positive reviews. They might be fake reviews, causing you to make a wrong decision


Shipping Services


Shipping companies differ in terms of the shipping services they offer. You need to find one that meets all your needs. If you’re moving from a large house, you need to find a shipping company that can handle the size of all your belongings. Also, if you prefer to have a company that helps you pack and organize your new home upon arrival, be sure to check if they offer such services before making a final decision.


Insurance and Licenses


One of the critical factors to consider is whether your preferred moving company has all the licenses and permits needed to ship things overseas. If not, you might risk losing all your belongings to some harbor or port.

Furthermore, reliable moving companies are transparent about their licensing as well as their insurance options. It’s best that you find a company that offers liability insurance just in case anything happens to your belongings while in transit.


Service Destinations


Though a company claims to offer global shipping services, be sure that it also serves your precise destination. Ensure you choose a company that can deliver your belongings to your door and not to another location, costing you further shipping charges.


Reasonable Prices


While relocating costs can be on the high end, you should find a shipping company upfront with its charges. A reliable company should offer you a reasonable price and not ask you to pay any extra charges other than what you agreed.



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