Today’s walk through the UPakWeShip Warehouse

Some interesting pictures this week in the UPakWeShip Walterboro warehouse. The first picture shows a great looking pallet on its way to Europe. The second picture shows a bunch of pallets and U Crates in line ready for loading this afternoon going over to UPakWeShip Europe office. The third shows three U Crate 100’s waiting patiently to be loaded, they cant wait to go and see their new hose in Portugal! The fourth picture shows a good looking pallet, number five more U Crate 100’s, this time they are on the way to France!, and just look at that very nicely wrapped orange pallet! So good I could nearly eat it!

Number 7 are some black pallets, awaiting departure to the UK ( I like the ladder sticking up the middle!) Number 8 looks all Darth Vaderish to me and number 9 shows you a stack of U Crate 100’s flat packed ready to be sent out to a customers residence.

Number 10 is a row of U Crate 100’s that came in to our warehouse today. They are in the receiving section waiting to be checked in and have their photographs uploaded so we can email the owners showing them we arrived safely in the consolidation warehouse. Next stop Europe!

Number 11 is going green, very nicely wrapped pallet, note the boxes must all be the same size in order to get such a great looking stack and we dig the green wrap.


That’s “a wrap” for this week and look forward to sharing more pictures again soon.

I’m off to load a container now as our regular warehouse man left early to attend his sons graduation.

Have a great Memorial weekend all and just a quick reminder we are shut on Monday.

Cheers The International Moving Doctor.


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