Why does it matter if my moving company has a destination office?

A destination office may have crossed your mind if you’re preparing to move – or it may not. With everything else you have to think about, it might not even be on your list of things to look into.

But it should be.

As with any kind of ‘shipping’ – be it across the world, across the country or across the district – it takes a village. In the international shipping industry, it takes a rather large town. There’s the port staff, the office staff, the warehouse staff, the truck drivers – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

But what happens if your shipping company isn’t consistent from A to B? What if, halfway through your move, your belongings are handed over to another company, or an agency, and your livelihood in entrusted to a completely different company altogether.

Because it does happen. Often, smaller moving companies are unable to maintain low prices, without compromising on their operational capabilities. They find an agency with the lowest prices and offer a partnership for one side to be collection, and the other to be delivery.

What happens then, is that the company on the side of the delivery knows that its neck is not on the line. It doesn’t matter if the belongings are chipped, or broken, because it’s not its name on the box, and it’s not its company who will be receiving one-star reviews on Google.

But UPakWeShip is different

We have two priorities – providing customers with a personable experience, and keeping our prices affordable. And we refuse to compromise on either.

So, we invested in UPakWeShip. We grew our business, and that is why, when you’re shipping from Europe to the USA, you will be with UPakWeShip from door-to-door.

All of our European shipments arrive at our Rotterdam warehouse ready to be shipped over to the USA, where they will arrive into Charleston, South Carolina – which so happens to be the home of our head office.

With UPakWeShip’s name on the box from start-to-finish, you know your belongings are in safe hands throughout your move. We have great communication with our US HQ and know exactly what’s going on on either side of the Atlantic so that when your service arrives into port, we can get straight to work on delivering it to your front door.

As a self-packing service, our prices remain affordable – and with curbside delivery and collection, our services were built for socially distanced moving!

Find out more on our range of services via our website, or get an instant, all-inclusive quote right now with our instant rates calculator.

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