Brits in the USA. A good date!

  Having spent roughly the first half on my life in the UK, the second half until recently in the USA, when it comes to writing the date, my brain, which I might add gets confused easy enough these days as well as forgets where it is sometimes, now where was I? Oh yes the date, I just cant easily write it any more. Is it the month or the day I should be writing first I think. I understand I get a 50% chance of getting it right but when it could be something to do with a customers International Move, getting the 4th of May mixed up with the 5th of April could have devastating results.

Do n0t worry, this has never happened to me but while signing some forms today where I had to also note the date, I was very pleased to see it was the 6/6/2019 so either way it was one of those 12 days a year where I had 100% chance of getting the date correct!

If you want to get your moving date correct for moving across the pond in either direction I might add, and save money, please don’t forget to ask UPakWeShip USA, UPakWeShip UK or UPakWeShip EU for an international relocation / shipping and moving price.

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