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How safe is UPakWeShip’s international moving service?

Safety is the name of the game right now, and we completely appreciate why. Hygiene standards need to be met, and minimising contact between strangers remains a must.

We hate to brag, but… we have been pretty ahead of this game for a while now.

Whilst other businesses are running around trying to smooth over their processes, the UPakWeShip way has always been a curbside service. Nobody coming into your home, nobody touching your belongings – just you, and those who you trust.

We thought we’d give you a run-through to put your minds at ease and give you an understanding of how the processes work and what makes us the perfect moving company for an international move (especially right now)!

Our Pallet and U-Crate Services

When you order a U-Crate or pallet, we will drop it off at the desired address the same way a parcel is delivered. We just require a signature to confirm you’ve got it, and then you can take it into your home – for you to start the packing process!

Some people choose to practice their collection day, or practice fitting their U-Crate together, whilst others go with the flow on the day – ultimately, it’s up to you! On collection day, you will need to take your pallet or U-Crate onto the curbside or drive, and from there, start to pack it with your boxes. If you have a U-Crate, make sure you’re using the straps and cover that comes with the service – but any extra cellophane wrap will always be a good thing! If you have a pallet, it is your responsibility to make sure it’s secure.

Then, you wait! Your driver will be in contact to give you a time-frame for your collection and so that you can organize your packing. When they turn up, they will simply use a pallet-jack to lift your service into the truck – and with a friendly smile and a signature from somebody 18+, that’s it!

It really is that simple.

One of the reasons our customers love UPakWeShip is that we don’t need them to be there to sign off on the collection themselves. If you need to leave the country prior to your belongings, a trusted friend or family member is totally fine to sign off.

Our Container Service

Whilst our container process is slightly different, it remains as safe as possible for all of our customers – that’s thanks to the ‘you pack’ in UPakWeShip.

Your container will be trucked to your location on a set day which you will have pre-arranged with your shipping coordinator. It’s always important to be prepared and ready to have all hands on deck, offering a couple of cold beers to those who help out is always a great incentive!

The truck will arrive, and you have a 2-hour window to pack it up yourself. If it takes longer, an hourly fee will be applied.

We don’t supply anybody to help with the move, which is why the more you can rely on those are you, the better – particularly for a container move. Our truck drivers are simply there to drive to and from your location and confirm that we have your belongings.

This means you will have minimal interaction with people you don’t know, and nobody touching your belongings.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our services, we offer all-inclusive, immediate prices on our website – so you can start budgeting for your move today!

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