I Just Shipped across the Atlantic

  My owner packed me up with lots or personal belongings and paid an all inclusive lump sum price for me a U Crate 100 to be shipped from the USA to Germany. (This is me on the left having just been delivered to Germany)

I was collected by a nice pallet lifting machine called Jack and lifted up into a truck and taken to the nice UPakWeShip folks in Charleston, South Carolina.

I stayed there a couple of weeks and met lots of new friends. I met a cute couple of U Crates heading to France and a family of 4 U Crates going to Portugal. There were some pallets and other sized U Crates as well all heading to Europe. I was looked after well and kept warm and safe and then they placed some fancy stickers on me and even took my picture for my owner to see me.  I was loaded into this big metal box with a lot of my new mates and as it was dark, we slept during the journey on the ship across to the Netherlands.

After a few weeks the doors of the metal box were opened and this big tall fellow with a UPakWeShip Europe jacket and a funny accent lifted me out of the metal box with a noisy machine and placed me into a truck again and I was carried to Germany.

Soon after, I was lifted down by Jack again and re united with my owner.  Boy I was happy to see them again and they were so happy to me me as well and even commented on how great I looked and didn’t look any different from when they left me.

The whole journey was made so easy with the UPakWeShip people. They took great care of me, answered all my owners questions, spoke all sorts of foreign languages, and my owners said it was all done with a great price and a smile too!

Thanks UPakWeShip, you are the best

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