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When you are a physics professor at Purdue and obviously a very good carpenter, and moving to Germany you order a UPakWeShip pallet service and add wooden walls to it and make it a crate! Perfectly packed with same sized boxes, nicely labelled in a wood crate traveling from...

  My owner packed me up with lots or personal belongings and paid an all inclusive lump sum price for me a U Crate 100 to be shipped from the USA to Germany. (This is me on the left having just been delivered to Germany) I was collected by a nice...

Dear Elda, Thank you very much for asking. We still struggle a little bit with the temperature difference between Miami and Hamburg, but I guess that's quite normal. In regards of the shipment of our belongings we can only say positive things about UPakWeShip! The whole process was a breeze and all...

Hi Pete, [caption id="attachment_1030" align="alignleft" width="300"] Move with UPakWeShip[/caption] Our container arrived safe and sound in front of our door this morning. Everything went smoothly, also with your German counterpart! Thank you very much; we are very happy with the service you provided. Sincerely, Anika We can do the same for you to anywhere in Europe. Take...

Dear Stephanie, all of my beautiful, precious, cherished artwork and curios and mementoes and crap arrived safely. Thank you, eternally and enormously. I will leave you a  +++Yelp review as soon as I can tear myself away from gleeful unpacking (don't worry, I don't forget about stuff like that :) Also, Claudia was...

A nice email to receive first thing this morning from a recent customer we shipped from USA to Germany: Good morning from us over in Germany just giving you a heads up that our u cube has made it to our new home safe and sound and the driver was very...

San Francisco to Munich Nov 26, 2014 by Thomas Wirschem   upackweship.com, USA We used the U-Crate service for shipping belongings from San Francisco/CA to Munich/Germany. The service provided, responsiveness and ease of doing business was excellent. Alicia Hawk supported us on the US side and did a fabulous job in providing detailed instructions, handling paper...

Congrats Germany Germany has beaten the USA to be named the best country in the world, according to a survey that rates nations on how they are perceived by outsiders. The USA has topped the charts for the past five years in the annual Nation Brands Index produced by...

USA to Frankfurt, Germany Aug 05, 2014 by Juliane I had a fantastic experience with UPackWeShip. My shipment arrived as agreed directly to my new home and the entire process went smoothly. I was constantly kept up to date about the whereabouts of my belongings and the team was...

So Germany wins the World Cup, a big well done, you deserved to win! [caption id="attachment_781" align="alignleft" width="192"] UPakWeShip[/caption] In France its Bastille Day which is a petite like July 4th here in USA so "Joyeux Anniversaire" And lets not forget Stephanie at UPakWeShip while everyone is being...