I need help moving to three countries next week!

  Yes we got this call last week at UPakWeShip Charleston office and Natalie answered, sure, no problem, where are you moving to?
It turns out Mum and Dad have sold the American family home and are retiring to Scotland and the two kids are at school in The Netherlands and France. There wasn’t time to send out U Crates so they sourced pallets locally and are each packing and loading themselves. Mum and Dad are having two large pallets going to Scotland and the kids are having one small pallet each.
UPakWeShip USA is collecting the pallets this week and the pallets for Scotland will go in our shipping consolidation service to UPakWeShip England office and the kids pallets will go in our shipping service that goes to Rotterdam where the pallets will clear customs and then get trucked to their residences in Amsterdam and France all managed by UPakWeShip European office.
Whilst we don’t recommend leaving everything to such short notice, it was great to accommodate this families rather unusual international move request and have the perfect solution, our UPakWeShip Pallet Service,  to make this international relocation go smoothly.
Bon Voyage Y’all


Sorry UPakWeShip Canada, you were missed on this move!

#PYOB…..Pack Your Own Boxes!

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