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Moving Overseas is a gas

UPakWeShip Blog  Every day on our way to the UPakWeShip Rotterdam international movers office near one of the container shipping ports, we pass an industrial chemical terminal where you can see the ships moored up quite close to the road.
As we drive by, my wife and I like to look at where the ships are registered from and Google places we have not heard of to see where they are from in the world.
A few weeks ago I had to have a little school boy giggle as the ship was registered in a town called Middelfart, which I now know thanks to google is a town in Denmark.
Imagine my surprise this week when I see the ship that’s docked by the road has in big letters on the side of it; Epic Gas….
So in keeping with the theme, if you are thinking of International moving to or from the Netherlands and need a quote to ship your belongings, email UPakWeShip for a door to door all-inclusive international shipping quote. We can…

Worldwide Shipping UPakWeShip

make moving overseas a gas!
Or as Mick Jagger would say…..
But it’s all right now, in fact, it’s a gas!
But it’s all right. Im jumpin jack flash,
It’s a gas! gas! gas!
Or as the international moving doctor would say, we can move you back to the USA in a flash.


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