Moving to The Netherlands, Europe, getting a burger.

MOVING TO HOLLAND with UPakWeShip Getting the burger number…

   A BSN (burger service number) is the citizen service number, a unique registration number for everyone who lives in the Netherlands and much like your social security number in the USA. You will need it for opening a bank account and buying Health Insurance.
This is not a number you get in Five Guys to let you know when your cheese burger and fries are ready (although yes they are here in Rotterdam and taste dam good! But a number you get from your local municipality where you have to register if you plan on staying in the Netherlands long term. As I have a British passport this went relatively smoothly although fyi your temporary address cannot be a Air B&B or short term hotel. The owner of the place you are staying at also has to complete some paperwork to confirm you are staying there. If you have a non EC passport then you have to register for your residency at the IND which I will report on at a later date. The good news is though with my burger number I can now apply for health insurance, watch this space for health insurance info coming up soon.

Don’t forget to register your change of address if you move as official paperwork will be sent to the address you wrote on your original burger form.

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