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We were delighted to receive this picture from Tina, a customer who booked with UpakWeShip to transport her belongings from the US to Sweden! With offices both sides of the Atlantic, Tina received an email from our European team confirming the date her U-Crate would be delivered to the Rotterdam...

We know first-hand that if 2020 was your year to move abroad, the world may feel like it’s turned on its axis. As an international moving company, we are doing everything we can for our customers under the restrictions. And with one of the UPak team catching an emergency flight...

It would be pretty naive of us to share with you some of the emigration tips to the incredible countries we ship to at the moment. But just because your plans may be postponed, it doesn’t mean you should forget about them. Most of us are looking to the future to...

  March18th 2020. 80% of our staff are now working from home so if you have a question it would be easier if you emailed your coordinator rather than calling. If you don't have a contact yet at UPakWeShip please email move@upakweship.com and your question will be passed to the...

  March 16th 2020. Whilst the virus continues there may be some delays in delivering throughout Europe. At the moment, non essential items (like household shipments) are not allowed across the border in Italy and I am hearing similar reports for Denmark and Norway. Spain and France probably wont be...

Dear Elda, Thank you very much for asking. We still struggle a little bit with the temperature difference between Miami and Hamburg, but I guess that's quite normal. In regards of the shipment of our belongings we can only say positive things about UPakWeShip! The whole process was a breeze and all...

This is the 20 foot shipping container our customer used to load all their belongings in Nashville, Tennessee. The second picture is the same container about 5 weeks later being delivered in Zurich Switzerland. A self load 20 foot container is a very safe and economical way of shipping a house...

 Here are 3 of our fine ladies from the UPakWeShip Charleston SC office posing in front of a new Pink "One" container. The container is being loaded with U Crates and Pallets and being shipped to UPakWeShip Rotterdam for distribution throughout Europe. From left to right we have Whitney, Natalie and...

[caption id="attachment_1156" align="alignleft" width="300"] UPakWeShip loves moving everyone across the pond[/caption] UPakWeShip has a baggage service starting at $99 per bag from USA to London. For more details contact Karlee at 1 866 868 6386 or email karlee@upackweship.com  ...