Top 5 questions being asked at UPakWeShip right now.

  Are you still open?
Yes we are open and operating as much as we can in the USA, Canada, Europe and the UK although about 90% of staff are working from home right now.
Shall I book now or later?
I am telling most customers its whatever you are feeling comfortable with but if you choose to book now, you lock in the price (which will probably be increasing in the next few weeks and months) You can still receive your pallet or U Crates to practice packing and loading in advance of the actual collection date. You will be at the front of the queue when normality is back and everyone will be looking for collections.
Can you store my things until I can confirm I have a flight booked?
Yes we can although space is filling up fast.
Are you still arranging collections and deliveries?
For the moment we are in the USA and Canada. We have a limited service in the UK and Europe depending what you need. We cannot arrange collections or deliveries in Australia and New Zealand at present.
Why can’t I get hold of you on the phone?
As most staff are working from home and the phones are either ringing in the office or being forwarded to a key person working from home, the phones are often very busy and either you are going to find all lines are busy or maybe you will have to leave a voice mail. If you already have a contact at UPakWeShip, I suggest emailing them or for general questions and concerns, email

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