Warehouse walk 4/10/23

Here are the pics from todays walk about at UPakWeShip’s warehouse in Walterboro, SC.

Picture 1 is a fine looking U Crate 100 on its way to sunny Portugal

Picture 2 is 3 cracking U Crate 100’s going to lovely Ireland

Picture 3 shows you what a U Crate 200 kit looks like ready to be sent out to a terminal for you to load

Picture 4 underneath is showing you what a stack of three U Crate 100’s look like ready to be sent out to your home.

Last but not least, Picture 5 is a couple of bright orange shrink wrapped nicely stacked pallets in sunny Walterboro SC waiting to be loaded into a shipping container to may be not so sunny England.

I hope you enjoyed my walk through the warehouse. Anything else you would like to see let me know.


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