5 Things Nobody Tells You About When You Move Abroad

If you’re considering moving abroad, we highly recommend it. Yes, we may be a little bit bias due to our industry, but we’re also experts in moving abroad ourselves. Most of the UPakWeShip team have lived abroad at least once, and most of them far more than that!

But there are some things that you won’t be prepared for when you move abroad, wherever you move. And it’s not the fault of yourselves, or the company you’re moving with (if you’re moving with a job), it’s not even the fault of the destination country. It’s just the plain facts that you don’t realise until you get there.


So let’s make a start…

1. You’re going to be comparing a lot

Nowadays, you have Facebook, Instagram, Facetime, Zoom… all constant reminders of life ‘back home’. Some things you’re going to love, whilst others might take some getting used to. It is perfectly natural, and acceptable, to compare your lives, but don’t spend too long thinking about it, or you’ll go mad. Make a conscious effort to disconnect and remember, your life here is completely different to the one you know. You’re coming from a country that’s likely been your home for 20+ years, and comparing it to one you’ve been in for a week. So know that the attachment will grow, you just have to give it a chance!

2. You are now the tourist

This isn’t talked about nearly enough. Almost every experience is going to be brand new to you, and everything will be a learning opportunity. Grasp this with both hands! Remember, the ball is now in your court so you need to make the effort to get to know the people and places around you. As the ‘outsider’, it’s time to welcome yourself into the community and make as much of a positive impact as you can!

3. It won’t be 100% what you expected

Living in a country is completely different to being on holiday there, even if you’ve been there several times – or for several weeks. You now have to deal with the bureaucracy, the day-to-day life, the less glamourous parts. And yes, they’re all an adventure, but they can also all be a bit hard. The good news is, that there will be things which are far better than expected. Hidden gems, hidden experiences – for instance, the delight of a French supermarket, or the realisation that you can go for drinks in Italy and not need dinner, thanks to aperitivo. There are highs and lows, but you’re about to learn a LOT.

4. Get ready repeat yourself

And by that I mean, you’re going to be asked the same question a lot – and that is, ‘why did you move to X.’ The likelihood is, your friends and family are now at grips with your international move, but those who live in your new home country aren’t. People love to hear others stories, and it’s easy to forget the appeal of your own home when you’ve been there for so long. Be prepared to explain why you chose their city, their country, and use this as a way to make friends if possible!

5. Prepare for every eventuality

One of the most important things you can do, is be as prepared as possible. From day one of your decision to move abroad, it’s time to get the wheels turning. Prepare paperwork, get the adequate visas and ensure you have thorough insurance. It may sound obvious, but we’ve had many a customer not realise they need a certain type of visa to enter their destination country!

One thing you can rely on, is that if you use UPakWeShip as your shipping company, you’ll be in safe hands. Not only are our prices upfront, which means you can calculate your budget right now, but our moves are entirely contactless – so you don’t need to worry about the 2020 safety measures. Not only this, but when you book with us, you’ll be put in the safe hands of one of our shipping coordinators, who are there to walk you through your entire move and ensure everything goes to plan.

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