Is it Possible to Move Abroad Safely During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

We get it – moving abroad might be the last thing you want to do at the moment. But the reality is, for many people it’s non-negotiable. Contracts are starting, homes have been bought and sold, and some just want their world to keep turning.

Moving abroad takes time and planning, which means if you’re looking at moving abroad right now, it’s probably been in the pipeline for a little while – and even if it hasn’t, that’s even more of a reason for us to ensure you have the safest move possible!

One of the biggest problems encountered by those looking to move abroad currently is the risk posed by movers coming into your home: touching your belongings, using your toilet, shaking your hands, being in close proximity to one another.

At a time when many countries are stopping families from meeting, the last thing you want right now is strangers entering your homes. Whilst we’re sure packing services would love to guarantee 100% safety, it’s just not possible.

Unless… you have a contactless, self-packing move.

If you’re not familiar with a contactless move, then you’re in for a very 2020 lesson (a lesson that UPakWeShip has been practicing since it was founded).

Contactless moves involve a bit of legwork from those moving: you pack up your own belongings so that you know exactly what and where everything is. There’s nobody coming into your home, there’s no strangers touching anything. You simply pack everything up yourself, and insert the boxes into a pre-delivered U-Crate or onto a pallet.

But what’s the difference between a U-Crate and a pallet?


A U-Crate is a specially designed, UPakWeShip ‘box’ which comes in three sizes: 50 cubic feet, 100 cubic feet and 200 cubic feet. The former two will be delivered to your home, you bring it inside, and on moving day, you simply take it onto the curb, set it up and pack your boxes into it. Our U-Crates are a bespoke design, created specifically to maximise the safety and security of your shipment.

Your moving day will be pre-arranged with your shipping coordinator, who will have walked you through all of the steps necessary for your move. We will come and collect the fully packed U-Crate, and it will appear on your doorstep in 6-8 weeks time.

If you want to bring even more belongings, you also have the option of a U-Crate 200. This is so large that we can’t drop it off at your home. Instead, we ask you to pack your boxes into a U-Haul, or borrow a friend’s (extremely large) truck, and drive over to one of our many terminals, situated around the USA. Your U-Crate 200 will be ready and waiting for you to pack it up, and we’ll keep it in our warehouse ready to ship.


A pallet, meanwhile, is simply the base of the shipment. We offer two pallet services, a small or a large, and you’re welcome to head out and find your own – it won’t take you long, we know from experience.

If you choose to have it delivered, we’ll arrange a later date to pick up your pallet, which you will have packed your boxes onto and secured yourself. However, if you decide to find your own pallet, we can turn around your move in a shorter timeframe, as we won’t have to send out the pallet in the first place.

And what do both of these moving options have in common?

That’s right – they’re contactless!

However you choose to move, our contactless moving service offers a safe alternative. A further bonus to not having packers come into your home, is that we are also able to offer extremely competitive prices. All of our prices are available on our website, and are all-inclusive and determined by the service, not the weight – so you won’t have any nasty surprises on the other end of your move.

Wondering how much your move will cost? Why not take a look at our website right now. We also operate in Canada, Europe, and the UK.

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