Moving to Europe? Netflix Works!

If you are wondering if your Netflix account is going to work, the answer is Yes. Well at least it is a yes if you are moving from the USA. I thought we were going to have a problem with it not recognizing a European IP address or something but we clicked on the Netflix icon on the TV, entered the user name and password we used in the USA and bobs your uncle, everything was there as if we were still living in South Carolina!

If you have any questions about moving to Europe, don’t feel afraid to ask. if you are moving to America from Europe, the same goes for you. We have our own offices and staff both sides of the Atlantic to take care of everyone’s International moves. We are fully experianced with all the documentation required and the customs clearance process.

If you need a quote for your International Move to Europe or the USA, contact UPakWeShip International Moving and Shipping.

Thank you Netflix for making it easy when you move to another Country. Now if only I could figure out how to get the BBC……..

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