Two Very Cool New Moving Apps For Moving Overseas

Academic penguin with a new smartphone  The UPakWeShip boffins have been at it again.

You can now create your own packing list by completing our online packing list creator here.

Once completed it will email you and us a copy of your completed packing list in a Pdf format. There are two main advantages for using this app. The first is you can use your phone or tablet to make the list by your boxes or go room to room numbering and entering the contents as you walk around your house.  The second is our user and customs friendly dictionary of items to choose from. For example it wont let you type in stuffed animal but will let you type in soft toy so the customs official doesn’t go searching for a Deer head! It also wont let you type in bag for example but it will let you type in bag (empty) or bag of clothes. If you type in umbrella it will automatically add no blade as that is a question customs officials regularly ask when moving to Europe.


The second app is our UPakWeShip online label creator. Enter your name, destination, booking number and email address and it will email you labels that you can print and stick on your boxes.


We make International Moving Easy and Cool!

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