UPakWeShip USA, UK and Europe.

UPakWeShip, offices in USA, EU and UK

What is the advantage of having your own offices on both sides of the Atlantic when moving overseas between the USA and UK/EU?

Here are some answers to that questions and why we have invested in having great staff and operations both sides of the pond.
High end customer service: No other company is going to look after you like our own company. Hence the saying, if you want it done properly do it yourself!
One point accountability: One company is responsible door to door to make your move the best you have ever had.
Experience: Obviously if you have your own operation and staff there, you have the experience and knowledge to work with Customs and get your shipment delivered as soon as possible. We are also there in advance to answer all your questions and concerns before you move.
Quality is standard. Not relying on the cheapest bidder to arrange customs clearance and delivery is obviously a big advantage. At UPakWeShip we have one set of high standards for all offices.
Speed: we know better than anyone when you need your things. Working in one database both sides allows us to see all the comments and notes on your file. Documents and information are all transferred seamlessly, secure and fast. We also have the volume of shipments to keep all shipments flowing every week across the pond.
Repeat Shipping: We want to move you again from there. Nearly 25% of our international moves are repeat customers. We know we have to do a great job moving you over there so we can move you back in a few years if you need.
Its Personal: Your job is our top priority. Not some other overseas destination agents corporate account pulling strings. You are our priority and its you that we will be taking care of door to door.
Cost savings: We manage our costs door to door in house. No outside forces that can push prices up. One company profit not two! That is why UPakWeShip always has the best overseas moving rates.
Credit control: Once you have paid for your move, you have a green light all the way if you are only working with UPakWeShip service. Would you know if a mover for example in the USA owes a lot of money to a different mover in Europe so they decide to hold your shipment until it gets paid. This happens a lot more than you probably think!
Hercules: Our tough, secure custom made software package compatible is used between all offices so can track and what’s going on with your shipment wherever it is, even if its being looked after by another UPakWeShip office.

Remember you can see most of our rates from the USA to Europe online by clicking on rate mate or click here. If you are moving from Europe or the UK to the USA or Canada click here for a door to door all inclusive great rate.

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