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General Service Questions

Our normal rates cover collection between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm on the date you requested. 20 and 40 foot containers are normally booked for a specific time for loading and unloading.

Our normal published collection rates are for ground level curbside or driveway. Drivers are not licensed or allowed to go into a residence. If you need collection from inside of your residence then you need to contact a full service mover like EuroUSA to help you.

We need at least 2 weeks’ notice to prepare your shipping service.

“To port” means it’s pre-paid to the docks at the destination. You will have to arrange customs clearance and collection of your shipment from a local warehouse. You will have to pay customs, and local port fees, which for a small shipment can be $200-$700. If the quote says “to door” then the price includes customs clearance, local port fees and delivery to the residence.

This is quite common and as long as we have contact information so we can get hold of you that is fine. You can email us later with the actual delivery address.

Yes if you are using our self-load container services but we need at least 2 weeks’ notice, if you are shipping cars or motorcycles in a shipping container as the export paperwork for customs is quite complicated.

The Pros are you save a lot of money and if you take your time doing a little every day using plenty of bubble wrap and packing paper you can pack like a pro and sometimes even better as you know more than a packing company what is precious to you. It also means you do not have strange people in your house and you can have a good cleanout while you pack. The Cons, however, are its hard work and we cannot give you quite the same insurance coverage as if it was professionally packed.

Many! Do not pack any opened bottles in case they leak. Do not pack guns, ammunition, food and anything hazardous including cleaning materials. Do not use an unlicensed company with a cheap rate. If the price sounds too good to be true it is probably a fraud! We ship large volumes and therefore get slightly better rates than most and keep overheads low, therefore our prices are good. If you find a rate much lower than ours, be very careful, there are a lot of cowboy operators that will give you a very cheap price and once they have your things they will find an excuse for doubling your price. Do use licensed professionals. In the USA, you need to have a license from a government division called the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) in order to carry out international moving from the USA. Do not use any company that does not have an FMC license. Make sure your boxes are all packed tight and well-taped shut. Make sure your name is on all pieces. Do use a lot of bubble wrap. Do check our references and Google 5 star reviews. Use our labels to stick on all items as well as the outside of your pallet or U Crate.

Our U-CRATE 50 and U-CRATE 100 are best for smaller shipments and the 20-foot shipping container for a whole household are the safest methods to ship to Europe as these are door to door. You pack and load it and we ship and deliver it to your new home overseas. What goes in must come out of the container and 99.9% of the time, everything is delivered, in the container exactly as you had loaded it.

One company door to door, operations in USA, Canada, Europe, and the UK!