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Measuring, Packing & Loading Questions

No problem, you can always ask your questions to the Moving Doctor or look at the 4,400 other questions and answers on our moving blog. You can also call us 1 866 868 6386 or 843 225 7217 or email and we would be very happy to answer any moving and relocation questions you have whether you are moving with us or not.

Not exactly. We are trying to accomplish this but there have been some obstacles along the way. For example in Canada, their U Crates are a different size. We cannot ship them up there from the USA either due to the customs duties and taxes involved make it cost prohibitive. 20 and 40 foot shipping containers are standard everywhere so no problem there! Our U Crates and pallets are available anywhere in mainland USA, Europe and the UK. In many cases in Europe, we can collect your packed items from inside the residence and then load onto a pallet or U Crate back at our Depot cheaper than sending out the U Crate and then collecting it. This however is not normally cost effective in the USA for example. If you are not sure, just email your nearest UPakWeShip and they will be able to advise you.

It is quite common for people to have not found their new place overseas by the time your shipment gets there. No worries though, we can arrange storage for pallets and U Crates at approximately 35 UK Pounds, Euros or Dollars per pallet per week. If however you need storage for your shipping container then you need to find a self-store to unload the container contents into, or find a friend with a garage! You cannot keep your items in the shipping containers, as the shipping lines will charge you a fortune for keeping their shipping container.

Yes, the BAGGAGE SERVICES have a 50lb max weight per bag, the SMALL PALLET and U-CRATE 50 at 500lbs, LARGE PALLET and U-CRATE 100 at 1000lbs, and U-CRATE 200 at 1800lbs.

Stack all your boxes together to make a large cube. Measure the longest, widest and highest points in inches. Multiply the 3 dimensions together then divide by 1728. That gives you cubic feet.

About 20 plastic totes, 45 small boxes, 20 large boxes, about 16 large suitcases. Use our shipping volume estimator to help you calculate the volume you want to ship.

The best place is your local self-storage shop. They normally sell good quality boxes, bubble wrap, bags for sofas and chairs, tape and packing paper. Also Staples, Lowes, U Haul all sell good quality moving boxes and is a good option if you want to buy online.

Use new moving boxes available at all self-storage shops, Lowes, Staples, U Haul or online at Tape up well top and bottom, pack breakables in bubble wrap. Make sure your name & destination is on every carton. The most important thing is make your boxes full and tight, do not leave air space in your box otherwise when other boxes are stacked on top of it, the one underneath will collapse. Use our U-CRATE 50, U-CRATE 100 or U-CRATE 200 options for extra protection and peace of mind. Watch our Pack like a Pro presentation.

UPakWeShip was set up to save you money by avoiding having international moving companies do packing and loading. If you need packing help or you need help loading, we suggest you contract a good local mover in your area to help you pack or load or look at for a local crew to help you and then we will take care of the rest. If however you would like us to arrange the packing and loading then our full service company EuroUSA can assist.

This is an old wife’s tale so that they can make lots of money sending in cheap labor to pack up your belongings in your house. Truth is with our system, documentation and security checks even though you have packed your items yourself, your shipment is no more at risk than if a local mover packed your boxes for you. Customs and Security agencies will now often X- Ray your shipment or the container in which it has been loaded so they can see what is in the boxes whoever packed it. Some movers will even go as far as to say it is against the law to pack your items yourself, but if that’s the case how come we have been in business in the USA since 1994 and have 2 government licenses?

One company door to door, operations in USA, Canada, Europe, and the UK!